Living Water

A Community Civic Center:
The McKenzie Civic Auditorium


In September 2020, the McKenzie Valley was devastated by the Holiday Farm Fire. The Living Water Family Fellowship was among those whose properties were completely destroyed by the fire. A small, but dedicated congregation they immediately responded to support their neighbors who lost their homes, businesses, and hope.

LWFF members gathers supplies and donations, providing funds for generators and propane, developing an initiative to build sheds for people to have a secure structure on their properties while rebuilding, and various community groups have used their temporary modular building for gatherings since the fire.

As they sought to rebuild their own meeting place, they looked for ways to seize the opportunity to create something more. 

The Need:

From the ashes

we are rising. Of 527 homes lost in the blaze, only 8% are rebuilt, others are awaiting construction. 

The Community

and region suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Rebuilding, re-establishing, re-trusting is an individual, slow, and painful process. 

LWFF’s vision

is to rebuild better. The fire has imbued us all with the sense of gratitude for this spectacular place we call home. 


also gives us the opportunity to evaluate the needs and gaps in our community, including lack of various sized meeting and event spaces and a daycare facility. 

Our Request

We are requesting $2.5M federal support for the construction of the new McKenzie Civic Auditorium to leverage a $2.5M state request in 2023.

The prospect of public support has already leveraged $1.5M towards a goal of $2.5M in foundation and private philanthropy. Together this will achieve the $7.5M project goal. 

Federal Support
State request in 2023
Public support ($1.5M of $2.5M)
Project Goal

The Center:

The center, which will be owned and operated by a secular foundation, will serve the community as an economic driver for tourism, hosting retreats, meetings and gathering for businesses, associations, and churches in the Eugene Springfield area, and proximate to the I-5 corridor. It will also fill the need of having a local daycare facility. In addition to hosting events and daycare, the center will be a dramatic and essential rallying point for our own community. It will serve as a place to gather and plan and rally as the region continues to come back from the fire.

Re-emerging Community

Beyond those important uses, the facility will serve as resource center where those struggling to live their lives in the re-merging community can find the help they need. Living Water Family Fellowship, while gifting ceding ownership, will be an important long-term tenant in the facility.